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Are You Aware of the Benefits of Active Blue Glass?

Over many years the glazing industry has tried to investigate and offer state-of-the-art technologies in terms of the products they offer. What does this mean for you? It means that with new glazing projects that you will likely receive:

  • A better overall project
  • Better energy efficiency
  • A product that looks better
  • Glazing that will last longer

These all sound great and so it is important that if you are considering new glazing that you are well-educated in relation to the products available.

We often receive enquiries ...

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Aluminium Bifold Doors Northwich

Many of our clients are surprised to hear that aluminium frames with double glazed windows can rival uPVC in terms of energy efficiency. This particular product is also arguably more attractive than other alternatives. Here is some interesting information about aluminium that you may not know.

  • Bifold installer CheshireAluminium is extremely strong; it is used for many building products and is incredibly popular within the construction sector
  • It is predicted that in the ...
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Windows Installer Cheshire

We recently installed new windows for this property in Winnington, Cheshire. This beautiful bay window was designed in order to meet their exact requirements. What was selected that made these windows different from some others?

Our clients selected:

  • A black external UPVC surround
  • The glass pattern was chosen with piping running within the panes
  • A white internal UPVC finish was selected to ensure that the inside of the property wasn’t darkened at all by a black finish

From outside this may look like a simple ...

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New Front Door Installation Northwich

There are many things that we take for granted in our daily lives; our front door is definitely one of them. Careful selection can allow us the opportunity of selecting a great looking and secure alternative. We installed this stylish Rockdoor in Cuddington. Its modern design was selected by our client and really did transform the appearance of their home.

There are many elements to this type of doors that offer advantages for our clients. Rockdoors are designed with the ...

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A Rated PVCU Windows Cheshire

We recently completed this new window installation project in Cheshire. These A rated PVCU windows with run through sash horns were in chosen to keep the original character. The incredible thing about this is that we are able to install new, energy efficient windows but keep the characterful look.

This offered additional benefits to our clients as they were able to select a window that looked great offered additional benefits. Some of these benefits include:

High Security: with multi-locking systems available. ...

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Rockdoor Installation Northwich

The range of front doors and back doors available now is absolutely incredible. Not only does this allow our clients the opportunity of creating a unique look but modern technologies mean that this comes along with the assurance of top-rated security. What more could you want from your door?

Rockdoor NorthwichWe recently installed these Rockdoors in Northwich, Cheshire. Our client picked matching colours for their front and rear doors. However, individual designs ...

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Why Consider Active Blue Glass

Glass products are continuously improving with time. New products are being launched to reflect the increasing demand for cutting edge technologies. Educated individuals are looking for superior products that offer tangible benefits.

It is important in any trade that you are well-informed about the best-available products. Furthermore you must be able to offer these as standard for clients wishing for such alternatives. Home improvement projects are well thought-out and are an expense that is not entered into lightly.

For this reason it ...

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SupaLite Roofs Cheshire

Replacing Conservatory Roofs Northwich

Replacing Conservatory Roof NorthiwchDid you know you could replace your tired old polycarbonate roof with a new SupaLite roof on your conservatory?

Not everyone knows that old conservatory roofs can be updated with a modern SupaLite roof design. So many people continue to live with old-style conservatory roofs, wishing for another alternative.

Conservatories are exceptional in their design and structure to offer additional living space. However, it is not always ...

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New Bay Windows Northwich

The design of bay windows project outward from the building. They have a central window with either two or four side windows that set back to the wall. They have a deep sill area which is excellent for display purposes and create an attractive statement.

Bay Windows NorthwichHere are some of the advantages of bay windows:

Help with resale:

Often chosen for their aesthetic appeal, bay windows really do create a statement and offer ...

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Edwardian Conservatory with SupaLite Roof Northwich

Extension ideas are now wider ranging since SupaLite roofs have become more mainstream. They effectively provide an option that suits all requirements. Alongside this is an ability to match the design to your required budget.

Edwardian Conservatory NorthwichWe built this Edwardian Conservatory in Northwich. The owners were in need of additional living space and felt as though this alternative would suit their individual ...

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