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Replacing Conservatory Roofs Northwich

Replacing Conservatory Roof NorthiwchDid you know you could replace your tired old polycarbonate roof with a new SupaLite roof on your conservatory?

Not everyone knows that old conservatory roofs can be updated with a modern SupaLite roof design. So many people continue to live with old-style conservatory roofs, wishing for another alternative.

Conservatories are exceptional in their design and structure to offer additional living space. However, it is not always the case that their glass design is suitable to the way the space is used.

The introduction of SupaLite roofs have meant that conservatories can be modernised.

Why A SupaLite roof?

  • They offer a cost-effective solution
  • They can be installed onto old and existing conservatory designs
  • They do not damage the existing conservatory structure
  • They provide a more enclosed feel for the space

Design is individual; it may be that when you installed your conservatory that you were limited by cost.

SupaLite Roofs NorthwichConservatories are a less-expensive extension solution. However the exciting thing is that you are now able to alter the design of your extension to fit in better with your property.

This roof type does have the capability of tying the conservatory space in with your original building. They also offer a much more modern design which is so often sought after.

Would you like to look into installing a SupaLite roof? We would be happy to provide you with a detailed quotation.

Our quotations outline the work that will need to be completed. We ensure to offer an open and transparent pricing structure and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

These images show a job that we recently completed in Northwich, Cheshire. Our client was so pleased with the work and genuinely felt as though the space would be used more regularly.

They felt as though it offered the advantages of conservatory living with modern design. If you would like to enquire please call today on 01606 786368.

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